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    Pre-Sales Specialist:
    0871 973 3643


    Software Licensing Specialist:
    0871 973 3260


    Neil Raynor
    Dedicated Security Business
    Development Manager:

    07748 931594




  • What is the Ingram Micro Security Practice?

    The Security Practice is a one stop shop for you to expand your security business. We have partnered with some of the leading names in IT security to enable you to grow both revenue and profit in security, without risk, through a portfolio of added value security solutions.

  • How do I become part of the Ingram Micro Security Practice?

    • Have purchased or is looking to purchase security products/solutions through Ingram Micro

    • Have interacted with Learn Smart by watching at least 3 videos and registered to a webinar series

    • Have requested a visit from our Dedicated Security Business Development Manager

  • What are the benefits of being part of the
    Ingram Micro Security Practice?

    • Clear visibility of all vendors selling security solutions through
      Ingram Micro

    • Simple route to order products

    • Access to Marketing Development Funds

    • Ingram Micro will help and support you market, sell and support
      innovative security solutions

    • Access to bespoke videos/webinars and events

    • Access to our dedicated Ingram Micro security team who have the
      knowledge, skills and professional qualifications to manage all of
      your customer’s security requirements.


    Ingram Micro have a dedicated Security Business Development Manager who will help you create and support business development plans to grow your security business, including bespoke marketing campaigns, events and training to increase your sales opportunities and thereby maximise revenue for your organisation.

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At Ingram Micro, we believe in helping and educating our reseller partners to increase their revenue; expand their reach in the market place; and develop new business opportunities.


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